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Large tonnage Dinima webbing slings

Detailed Introduction
& nbsp; & nbsp; synthetic fibre hoisting belt is software sling with excellent performance, the quality of high strength low stretch polyester filament manufacturing. It is the replacement product of wire rope, in the industrial developed countries has been widely used in the more than 50 years, and its excellent performance by the majority of users of green stare. Main features:
Soft and light weight is 25% of the same metal cables, the harness is very easy to operate, handling and storage, reduce the lifting operations vulnerable to damage to the surface of the operation and the damage to the painting table, on the human body without any injury to reverse.
Safe and reliable: in the use of the process of damping, corrosion, aging, not conductive, under the flammable explosive environment no Mars characteristics under rated load 1.6% elongation, tensile properties close to steel wire rope, lifting belt use status at a glance, daily safety inspection intuitive and simple, think looks good and the tape is intact.
Type 1: polyester sheath Dinima
round sling
Core material the use of raw materials are from the Netherlands DSM Dyneema company into the product of ultra high strength fiber Dyneema SK75. The combination of advanced technology and equipment for the production of that coat the raw material is polyester, after thickening and heat treatment, with some wear performance and the types of Dyneema slings with light weight. The characteristics of high strength, weight only synthetic fiber one eighth, one tenth of the wire rope, portable use, the type of sling has been the number of Railway Bureau as one of the rescue train equipment.
Type 2: Dinima Dinima
cable sheath
The type of sling, and sheath core materials are from the Netherlands DSM Dyneema company into the product of ultra high strength fiber Dyneema SK75 made and the DSM Dyneema advanced production technology, the sling can be under the harsh environment use, has stronger resistance to chemical corrosion, anti ultraviolet performance, with excellent resistance to fatigue, cut resistant, abrasion resistance, the company production of this type of sling is successfully application to Shanghai dock to loading and unloading coil steel, not only to protect the steel coil is not being worn, also improves the work efficiency, reducing the labor intensity, more safety.