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Lifting machine

Detailed Introduction
1, rail’s auxiliary in railway bridge, installation of the bridge, and vehicles, equipment, weight lifting, has simple structure, easy to use, safe and reliable, with the advantages of multi machines, a lifting tool which is wide application.
2, manual lifting tool , compact structure. rationally use of that, rocker swing moves tooth claw up & down, cooperate with claw set teeth, and push the rack to rise or fall, along with heavy lifting.
3, rack lifting machine is composed by the base, lift hook , pressure handle, ratchet pawl, Jack nub(thousand Jin), rack, quick drop gear . its characteristics is that the lift hook and a rack combine to the forms a sliding fit, and a handle pressing is hinged with the lifting hook, one end of the pawl fixed on the handle, and the other end is meshed with the rack, jack fixed on the lift hook, rack and the base fixedly connected. It overcomes the disadvantages of old lifting machine which is large size, heavy weight, and super high limit .Pressure handle one-way force, compared with the original technology, has the following advantages: small size, light weight, easy to carry, the whole process is in the driving safety assurance.
Technical parameters:
Model 0.5T 10T 15T
Maximum lifting capacity 5T 10T 15T
Maximum hook lift 2.5T 5T 7.5T
Lifting height 160mm 180mm 2800mm
Top 345mm 410mm 580mm
Angle hook height 43mm 45mm 60mm
Dead weight 17kg 24kg 37kg

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