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Wireless printing electronic steelyard

Detailed Introduction
OCS series wireless transmission printing electronic hook scale, the unique anti vibration of a / D converter, in the harsh environment of the suspension can be fast and stable measurement. Intelligent use of discontinuous transmission method and low power design and battery over discharge protection circuit, automatic power saving function shows that the percentage of battery power, easy to choose the appropriate charging time, avoid over discharge caused by damage to the battery and the service life of the relationship of the phenomenon. Automatic accumulation of a variety of ways, unique man-machine dialogue function, easy to operate and input. Calendar clock, not affected by power outages. Instant printing and weighing data. The weighing data can be connected with the computer by the standard Rs 232 interface, and can also be connected with the external large screen display. The series is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses and other measuring occasions.
Wireless printing electronic steelyard details:

Wireless printing electronic steelyard technical parameters:
Model  Maximum weighing Index value Degree of division 尺寸(size)
(N. W)
        long       wide        thick  
ocs-3t 3000kg 1kg 3000 680    270     160 31
ocs-5t 5000kg 2kg 2500 680    270     160 31
ocs-10t 10000kg 5kg 2000 780    270     160 41
ocs-15t 15000kg 5kg 3000 830    325     220 62
ocs-20t 20000kg 10kg 2000 950    325     220 85
ocs-30t 30000kg 10kg 3000 950    325     220 115
ocs-50t 50000kg 20kg 2500 1650  450     450 338